Vision and Core Values





G.V. Black -- the father of modern dentistry


At Lansford Dental we are constantly trying to make your dental care the best it can be.  From empathy and caring to quality and comfort, we work tirelessly to continue to improve for you. 



Vision Statement:

-For Lansford Dental to be widely considered as the standard bearer in quality, customer service and state of the art preventative and restorative dentistry in the state of California.

Core Values:


We Pledge  to be honest and fair in our diagnoses and will act with integrity in informing our patients of existing conditions.


We Pledge  to give each patient the quality care and attention to detail we would give our own family and friends.

-Lifelong Learning

We Pledge to persistently pursue the highest in continuing dental education and staff education making it one of our top priorities.

-Technologically and Clinically Advanced

We Pledge  to continue to significantly invest in updating dental technology and purchasing the highest quality materials so that we may provide the best for our patients.


-We Pledge  to be cognizant of the value of our patient’s time and treat them with fairness and dignity.


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